Our vision at the BWBA is to create the “total athlete” not just on the field but off the field as well.  Athlete’s with great work ethic and a great attitude toward anything they may attempt.

Through our programme we strive to assist players in releasing hidden potential by encouraging growth in areas of :

Vision (Goal Setting), Communication, Team Work, Consistency, Sportsmanship, Strategic Thinking and developing a positive attitude while playing baseball and having fun.

Baseball is a great environment to teach kids teamwork, leadership, how to overcome adversity as well as handle success and it is important to us to teach how discipline and character on the field can greatly impact your child’s life beyond the game.


Our mission is to be the top baseball coaching facility in South African schools and eventually in the African continent.

Renowned for the highest standard of excellence in baseball coaching.

Through the continued development of our instructors, increasing our knowledge and skill in the sport we aim to improve the standard of baseball in South Africa for generations to come. Using our expertise for the advancement of baseball we aim to develop a truly African Brand.




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