International Scholarship Opportunity

What a wonderful opportunity for a young SA player!! We had to share this info!! If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please send us all the information as requested below and we’ll be happy to pass your details on.

Hello all, I have two Christian private academies (one in Memphis, Tennessee and one in Montgomery, Alabama) who are ready this January to scholarship and provide a host family for qualifying student-athletes. The school in Memphis is particularly looking for a high quality catcher or pitcher. The school in Montgomery is looking for a good student who can play good baseball (any position). The school in Montgomery requires a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ. The school in Memphis does not require a personal faith but a willingness to adhere to the Christian code of the school. … The student can be as old as 19 if he turned 19 after September 1. The school year ends at the end of May. The possibility to continue with a Spring baseball club program is possible. Besides the high school experience he would come under the tutelage of Washington Nationals scout Harry Porter for opportunities to be seen by college coaches. If you can think of young men who may qualify please be in touch as soon as possible.( This is urgent and I only have this October to slot in the name as my contact is waiting for my candidate. Any pictures and video are a big help at this point. I will also need the height, weight, position, bat (right or left or both), 60 yard dash and the timing from first to second of the candidate.

Thank you.

Yinka Adewusi

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