Our City – Our Nation

Through our community development initiative local under privileged schools and communities are invited to join our programme where we create a heightened interest in baseball. Our players learn the core values of the academy which include integrity, sportsmanship, hard work and leadership. Should you wish to sponsor a local team or invest into these kid’s futures, please email us at info@bwbaseballacademy.com for more information about becoming a “BASEBALL BUDDY” and partner with us to build a brighter South Africa. (To see more, click on OUR CITY OUR NATION PROJECT on the menu bar)

One thought on “Our City – Our Nation

  1. Wow what an awesome webpage!, more importantly though you need to know that my son has chosen you as the person he most admires for his grade 7 topic of discussion – which got me here in the first place. I recall him tugging at me saying that he badly wants to meet you. I think he was 5 or 6 at the time and now at the age of 12 he still sees you as his role model.

    It’s not just about baseball he says, it is who you are as a person. He says he thinks you are kind and helpful too.

    I am sure your academy is going to grow from strength to strength!!

    May you remain a blessing to all those you encounter.

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